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AXIS Digital – Food & Supermarkets

With over 40 combined years working with the Supermarket, Hospitality, Food & Wine industry, our team has the experience to know how things work. We have a knowledge and an understanding of how your business operates and what your customer is looking for. With our experience in food and wine along with our digital technology expertise, this is what sets us apart from other designers and one of the ways in which we can help your business shine.

Social Media

If your business is on social media then the expectation from consumers is for almost around the clock responses. When you’re running your business and have staff serving, it can be difficult and time consuming to have the online customer service you’d like. This is where we come in and take care of posting, responding, creating content and keeping your customer base engaged and up to date with your business on social media. More Info

Digital Marketing

As a business owner you need to keep on top of how your customers like to stay informed. With advances in technology, this now looks completely different from even just a few years ago. Our team can assist with what strategies and platforms will work best for your business from newsletters, Google adwords through to Social Media advertising. We can get you up and running quickly and help keep you in touch with your customers. More Info

Technology Solutions

Just think what you can do with the extra hours gained from using technology to its fullest capabilities? There are so many opportunities to save time and money using the latest platforms and systems yet so many businesses only use a fraction of their current software capabilities. We can advise on what best suits your business, set up and training. More Info

Website Design

Our team’s experience in digital technology and the supermarket, food & wine industry allows us to create custom websites to suit each individual business goals and requirements. Our understanding of your industry means we can combine all the elements needed to ensure your new site doesn’t just look great but is a practical business tool, user friendly and will help your business grow. Let us show you how to make your business shine.

We now offer payment plans on our websites. T&C’s Apply.

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