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Google Business Profile

If you are in business, having an up to date Google Business Profile should be seen as an important part of your online presence. Why is this? A Google Business Profile allows you to create a business profile on Google and plays a valuable part in your business being found online for those searching for it. It is a free service provided by Google but more often than not, underutilised by business owners.

A Google Business Profile includes information about your business including your hours of operation, location, website, photos and the all important reviews. If a customer is also using Google Maps it becomes extremely easy for them to get directions to your location. If you don’t have a storefront, it is still important to have all your relevant information listed as you can direct customers directly to your website.

In order to get the most from your Google Business Profile it is vital to ensure that all your business information is correct. Being able to provide customers with public holiday trading hours for example goes a long way to building goodwill from a customer. As the business owner you are able to add photos and videos of your store, products and services.


Google Business Profile

As a Google Business Profile partner, we can help your business with your Google profile and in getting your business found online by your customers. From creating or claiming your business profile, all the way through to regular optimisation, monitoring and answering questions and replying to reviews. All of these will help your business reach more potential customers and increase the effectiveness of your profile.

How we help your profile:

  • Address and phone number
  • Opening hours / public holiday hours
  • Map location
  • Create and maintain business information
  • Social Media profiles
  • Answer question from customers through Google
  • Attend to Google messages and respond
  • Reply to reviews
  • Work with you to create a system to build your reviews
  • Progressively add photos to your gallery
  • Optimise Services / Product options to increase hits
  • Optimise your categories and get your business showing on searches
  • Optimise areas and get your business showing on local searches
  • Add any Health and Safety information

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