New Domain .AU is coming!

New Domain .AU is coming!

New Domain .AU is coming!

“The only constant in life is change” is a very well known quote and is certainly applicable to the technology world. A very big, exciting shake up is coming to Australian websites early next year and it could have an impact on your business.

Domain names are an extremely important part of your business branding and identity and they help your customers find you more easily when searching the internet. There are strict rules about who can use a domain name and this is all about to change.

From March 24 2022, new direct domain names are being launched. These domain names end in .au, so a new AXIS Digital address would be These names are shorter, simpler and are for general purpose which have less stricter criteria in order to obtain one. This means you just need to have a verified connection to Australia either as a citizen or permanent resident or being an organisation registered in Australia.

For current domain name holders, there will be no changes to domain names in the existing namespaces (,,,,, and etc.) as a result of .au direct names being launched. They will continue to exist and you will still be able to use, register and renew them as you do now.

When the .au direct names launch in March, there will be a priority allocation available to ensure that businesses and organisations can purchase the matching .au domain name as their current etc. Registration of new .au direct names with no matching etc names will also be taken.

If you’d like to know more about how this could affect your business or if you would like to look into purchasing your businesses .au direct domain name, please give Brad a call 8387 5559.

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