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Based in Hallett Cove on the stunning Adelaide coast, we offer technology solutions to make your business shine!

Website Design

Based in Hallett Cove on the stunning Adelaide coast, we offer technology solutions to make your business shine!

IT Solutions

Based in Hallett Cove on the stunning Adelaide coast, we offer technology solutions to make your business shine!

IT Services Adelaide

Specialising in website design and digital marketing, we work with businesses of all sizes to boost your online presence. But that’s not all! For small businesses and home offices, we offer a range of IT services to keep your tech running smoothly.

AXIS Digital

Need to market across the street or across the world, AXIS Digital have got you covered. We create an online experience to make your business shine. We work with small businesses through to national companies to get them performing online. We combine technical knowledge, creativity and innovative web design to help grow your business from now, into the future. We strive to offer fantastic products and provide the best service to enable your business to grow. Let us help you take your business to the next level!

We also specialise in IT Services for Small Business and Home Office. We understand the unique technology challenges faced by smaller organisations, and we can advise on the best strategies to help you with the complexities of technology to make your life easier based on your specific requirements.

New – AXIS Tech Store!

Introducing AXIS Tech Store. Finding the right business grade computers and hardware for your business or home office can be a daunting task. We understand the unique needs of professionals working remotely or running their own business, which is why we offer a selection of quality products with cutting-edge features, robust performance, and exceptional reliability to help make running your business easier.

Website Services

We create beautiful, unique websites that will show your business in the best possible light and get your business found online.

Digital Marketing

Connect, engage, get your business message across to a wide range of potential and current customers or even advertise via social media.

IT Solutions

Your trusted provider of IT solutions for home offices and small businesses in the southern Adelaide region.

Computers & Hardware

At AXIS Digital, we are your trusted provider of business-grade computers and  hardware for home offices and small businesses.

Onsite Tech Support

Onsite tech support, crucial for managing your IT, operates directly from your office. This hands-on approach resolves tech troubles like system glitches, hardware repairs and software updates. It ensures smooth data transitions, provides preventive maintenance, and supports daily IT needs. This cost-effective service aids immediate problem-solving and handles issues needing in-person attention. Despite businesses shifting to cloud-based services, onsite tech support remains essential for managing physical networking gear and devices, becoming a secret weapon in our rapidly changing tech world.

Remote Support

Tech issues can disrupt your day, especially in business. We, in Adelaide, are here to ease this with top-quality remote IT support accessible with just a call or click. Our skilled team resolves various IT problems, saving you time without onsite visits. Services are customised per business, always with a human touch. Contact us to prevent tech troubles from slowing you down. We’re here to help keep your business operational, no matter the size of the problem.

Cloud Services

Business has changed, demanding more speed from staff, customers, and stakeholders. Staying competitive without the right tech can be challenging. Cloud services can help. They provide easily accessible online services, without the expense of hardware or software upkeep. They’re vital for modern business operations and selecting the right ones is crucial. The best bit? All you need is a computer, network connection, and operating system, and you only pay for what you use. We’re here to help your business thrive with the power of cloud services.

Managed IT Services

At AXIS Digital, we handle your IT needs, simplifying the complex. We offer tailored solutions for businesses and home offices, with remote management easing the pressure of extra workspace. We team up to find tech that bolsters your business, streamlining operations. Our mission is to enhance productivity and build confidence in tech, offering full support from planning to managing your IT requirements.

Cyber Security

Gone are the days when email breaches meant mere spam; now, they cause serious financial loss or reputational harm, with small and medium businesses particularly at risk. Underestimating cyber threats could cost you dearly. Effective cybersecurity requires layered protection involving technology, people, and processes. You need robust tech tools like advanced firewalls, malware protection, antivirus software, and more. Remember, it’s best to prevent cyber attacks than deal with their aftermath. With a solid cybersecurity strategy, we can help protect your business in this digital world.

Backup & Recovery

Running a smooth digital business is tricky, especially with data loss threats. We offer versatile backup and recovery solutions, including flexible cloud backup – only pay for what you use. Fancy more control? We can establish an in-house data backup system. We also handle business continuity and disaster recovery planning, ensuring your business keeps going even in unexpected scenarios. At AXIS Digital, we’ll help devise a solid Business Continuity Plan. Together, we’ll keep your business cruising, whatever happens.

Technology Blog

Stay informed about the latest tech trends, news, and innovations by reading our insightful and engaging technology blog.

Website Design

In today’s digital age, a customised, responsive website is crucial for your business. Our designs are adaptable for all devices and built to grow with your company. Whether you’ve got a detailed plan or just an inkling, we can create a distinctive site that blends tech know-how and creativity, timely and within budget.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing isn’t just a nice website; it strategically turns visitors into customers. It’s crucial for your Adelaide business to be found online. We understand handling this is tricky for small businesses, so we’re here to enhance your online presence, catered to your specific needs. Contact us to discuss our versatile plans.


In the world of technology, E-commerce has become a daily routine for buying and selling goods and services online. We offer leading E-commerce platforms to create a personalized, attractive online store for your business. Showcase your products or services effortlessly with our backend solutions tailored to your needs.

Social Media

If you want your business to shine on Social Media, rely on AXIS Digital. We offer flexible plans with no commitments, handling everything from content creation to advertising campaigns. Engage with your customers, boost website traffic, and build strong brand loyalty. Connect with your audience and let us assist you!

New – 10 page Themed Websites $995

Quickly and easily get your business found online with one of our Themed Websites for $995! It’s as simple as choosing your website layout from one of our themes, we load your information and photos, then we launch your new website within 7 days!

Our themed websites are 10 pages, professionally created right here in Adelaide and will help make a great first impression when customers look you up online. To find out more, get in touch today – we’re always happy to answer any questions you may have.

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