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Keeping up with technology is essential in today’s business world. There are so many opportunities to save time and money using the latest platform and systems. So many businesses only use a fraction of their current software capabilities. We’re here to help make choosing what works best for your business easier by advising on the best solutions then setting up technology solutions to help your business perform more efficiently. Just think what you can do with those extra hours!

We can either advise on best way to use these systems and platforms or setup the software and then train you and your staff on it. This can be done in person or by a simple screen share.

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Online Forms

AXIS Digital has partnered up with JotForm, one of the world’s best online form building platforms. They offer one of the best solutions for capturing data and turning it into useful information. Being the only Adelaide partner, we have access to their direct support as required. BEFORE signing up to JotForm, it is worth talking to us. We may be able to offer a discounted rate and you will need to be on our system in order for us to offer support.

Easy to Use

We can help get your forms get setup and started. With over 10,000 templates available and the intuitive builder most clients are able to make their own form changes. We are always here to help with the more technical tasks.

Conditional Logic

Make your smart forms smarter with conditional logic. Set up your form to show or hide form fields, send emails to certain users, show different thank you messages and more — all based on how the user fills in your form.


All form entries are stored in a secure database. If you ever misplace an email from a form, you are able to login and all the information is easy to access.

Take Signatures

Our forms have the added option of being able to have a user’s signature uploaded. Another benefit is the addition of have a terms and conditions tick box added as well.

QR & Barcode scanners

Our forms all have the option of adding QR Code and Barcode scanners to make life easy for your users and to suit your business objective.

Take Photos

Easily add a widget within your form so your users can upload photos directly through their phones. This option is great for running competitions, proof of purchase etc.

Online Payments

Take online payments quickly, easily and securely with our form builder using systems such as Stripe, Eway and Paypal.

Geo Location

Our form builder has the ability to geo locate the user when they are filling in the form on a mobile device. It is also able to autofill the user address using Google APIs.

CRM / Portal / Project Managment

SuiteDash is one of the world’s most outstanding CRM’s. Being Adelaide’s official integration agency for SuiteDash, we are here to get your system quickly setup with the best methods implemented to make the most of your new platform. The All in One Client Portal Software helps you avoid the pain of setting up, learning, and paying for a mishmash of separate software tools. Let us take your business to the next level!


Automate your Lead generation & Onboarding Process. Create & configure multiple acquisition & onboarding funnels designed to efficiently convert Leads into happy Clients/Customers.

Cloud Proposals + eSigning

Send beautiful Proposals online & Clients can easily review & accept. Design content-rich, multi-page Proposals that can automatically trigger other actions when accepted (Invoice auto-creation, additional Contracts, etc.)


Manage your team & keep your Clients updated & involved. Templates & Automations eliminate repetitive work. Nothing is ever more than a few clicks away, ensuring you always have what you need right at your fingertips. Easily track time spent on a particular Project or Task, and add that time as a billable item on an Invoice.

Email & Drip Campaigns

Easily add Contacts to your Marketing Lists & automatically move them to new list(s) based on triggers/actions. Email Campaigns can be created and sent at a particular date and time, whereas Autoresponders/Drips can be set up to send automatically on a schedule to any new email address you add to your Lists.

Secure Messaging

Communicate seamlessly with Client and your Team in a secure & organized way. Your own private & secure messaging network directly inside your Portal. Send Secure Messages to a one or more Client(s) or Staff member(s). Live Chat keeps your Team in collaborative sync.

Cloud File Storage & Transfer

Securely storing, sending and sharing files has never been easier. Upload those files, done! Download these files, check! Using a client portal to share files gives you mission specific tools designed to do the exact job you need, do it quickly and efficiently, and all the while protecting and promoting your brand integrity.

Custom Dashboards

Client’s unique data is dynamically merged into their assigned Custom Dashboard. Each Client will see their own data, status and/or files. Get a head start with pre-built Dashboard templates and Info Pages. Embed iFrames, YouTube & Vimeo videos, or any other embeddable widget directly into Client Portal.

Website Product Visualization

WP Visualize is the uncomplicated way for potential customers to see themselves with your products, colours and options. Attract more customers just by pasting a simple link into your website, social media, blogs and digital advertising, in store from QR codes or link from SMS & emails. WP Visualize requires no 3D models, meaning that you add regular product images into collections. Creating collections automatically creates a links that you can paste anywhere, including websites, blogs, SMS, emails Social Media, QR codes etc. If you don’t have the time or knowledge to setup this system we are WP-Visualize Adelaide support partners. So we can setup and train you on the platform in person.

Attract Customers Instantly

Offer the most simplest, fun way to visualize your products with their own selfies or pics. Attract customers from anywhere you can paste a link.

No Special Requirements

73% of potential customers leave if they need apps or special downloads to engage. WP Visualize is seamless and instant with no app or special download required.

Simple for Customers

Customers don’t want to rotate products, they just want the easiest and simplest way to see how it looks! Styles, options, models… with just 1 click.

Simple for Every Business

Because you use regular images, there are no delays or costs to produce every product as a 3D model.

Booking Systems

We offer a range of online booking systems. These allow your customers to quickly and easily make a booking, buy a ticket or schedule an appointment at their convenience. Make life easier for yourself by having automated reminders sent to your customers and saving you time and money by reducing some of your admin.

Save Time and Money

Online booking systems can streamline the booking process for your customer and allow you to automate a number of processes such as confirmation notifications, collection of client details etc. Spending less time on admin means you can focus elsewhere.

Open 24/7

Having an online booking system allows your customers to book at any time that is convenient for them without having to worry whether it’s within business hours or not.

Take Payments Online

Make things easy for you and your customers by securely accepting online payments 24/7 with an online booking system. These payment systems integrate with most payment gateways.

Automate Notifications

Setting up automated notifications and reminders for your customers in your booking system will save you time, create better customer satisfaction and will help reduce the numbers of no shows at appointments meaning more income.

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