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Beyond The Build

Now that your new website is live there are many different options available to make sure that your site becomes a valuable business tool, improves your online presence and helps to increase your customers. We can help guide you through the process of choosing which of these beyond the build options best suits your business and how to go about implementing them.

Making Your Website Work For You!

Announce Your New Site

Now that your new website is live you’ll need to make sure that everyone knows about it. The first thing to do is to tell everyone you can about your new site. When you are on the phone or sending emails don’t forget to tell people and make sure to add your web address into your email signature. Update any of your business details on other websites or directories with the new website and don’t forget, links from other websites will help you with google rankings. If you didn’t have a website before or have a new domain name, updating all your business cards, flyers and signage is also a must.

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Ongoing Costs

There are a few ongoing costs to running a website. These are needed to make sure that your website continues to stay live and available for you to be found online. Domain Name, this is the name of your site eg. Hosting, this keeps the website live to the world. You may wish to run a CarePlan to keep all the software in your website up to date and backed up.


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Keeping it Secure

All websites get constantly attacked. Your new website has security and firewalls included on it. WordPress, the backend builder and the security system have constant updates to stop any new ways a breach of security may happen on your site. We recommend updating these systems once a month as keeping your new site safe and secure for your customers is important. We have a CarePlan available to do all this for you.

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Keeping it Fresh

It’s great idea to keep all the information and image galleries up to date on your website. It helps keeps your site looking fresh and interesting for returning visitors and ensuring all your business details are correct is important. A blog is a great idea to keep customers informed about things within your business or industry. Alternatively, a small annual site refresh each year will keep your site looking up to date with design and styling advances.

Attract Customers Instantly

No Special Requirements

Monitoring Website Traffic

Monitoring your website traffic allows you to not only see the amount of hits your site is getting but to see where all the traffic is coming from. This way you will have a clear understanding of where your advertising dollar is best spent. Google Analytics is a free platform and we can set you up with it or run all the reports and send them to you.

Attract Customers Instantly

No Special Requirements

Driving Traffic

It is important to continue to drive traffic to your website after it has gone live.This can be done in many ways utilising channels such as Social Media, Newsletters, SEO, Digital Advertising, Retargeting and many more. Many of these can be implemented yourself but if you would like us to do it we certainly can. If you would like to develop a digital strategy for your business, just give us a call.

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