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Plan Your Strategy 7 Moves Ahead

Why you need a Digital Strategy?

Most businesses today have a Website and Social Media platform but have no idea how they are performing. To grow in today’s world, you need a digital strategy that is dynamic and is constantly monitored.

There is not one magic platform that can bring you to the front. By putting together a combination of platforms specific for your business customers can make a huge difference. Today there are hundreds of ways to engage and communicate with your customers and you need to use the platforms suited for your business.

One of the best things about today’s marketing, is that everything is trackable and can be analysed. When you promote on a digital platform you get access to all the analytics about the campaign. Is your business spending thousands of dollars on promoting but do not know if it’s working?

That’s where digital strategy really helps grow businesses. By reviewing what you are doing and analysing the data, we guide you to make informed decisions about where your marketing dollar is best spent. Having the data we can react to trends and changes in the market and target your campaign accordingly. Keeping your business in the driver’s seat, rather than just going along for the ride.

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Stage 1 – Business Review

We do a digital audit of your business so we get a clear understanding. Looking at how you communicate and interact with customers and understanding your customer demographics helps us target campaigns. We identify opportunities of better ways to engage with your customers with your online platforms from website design to digital marketing. Looking at your competitors and the market leaders in your industry also allows us to define results.

Stage 2 – Strategic Plan

Putting together a time based strategic plan based on firm data is the key to marketing success. The aim is to be seen, engage and then guide the customer through to making contact. Having a road map to follow gives us a starting point for the project and although we start with a clear plan we are very flexible once the data starts rolling in, focusing on the strategies giving the best result.

Stage 3 – Implementation

If you currently have a digital team we are more than happy to work with them. Alternately, we can take care of all or part of the process using our team. We like to use rolling campaign waves to implement the strategies. This allows clear data to be analysed between waves so each can be fine tuned to achieve a better, more productive result.

Stage 4 – Monitoring

By using response and tracking mechanisms we monitor the data from the strategies we have implemented. This gives us a clear understanding of the results and guides our path forward. This is one of the most important parts of digital growth but one most businesses overlook. Having this information keeps us heading in the right direction. Monitoring over the entire timeframe of the project is essential.

Stage 5 – Optimise Strategies

Using web intelligence to make data driven decision making we optimise and fine tune your campaigns as it progresses. Making tactical adjustments is a necessity to develop and evolve as the project as it progresses. Being reactive and nurturing ideas along can radiate success.

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