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Our CarePlans

As part of AXIS Digital’s ongoing commitment to our clients, we offer ongoing maintenance plans to help keep your site secure, running smoothly and up with the latest technology. Trying to do updates only occasionally or when there is an issue can create further problems and expense -updates in monthly increments is by far the best method.

CarePlans fix small problems – before they become big problems!

WP-CarePlan #Core

Websites, plugins, themes and security firewalls all require constant updates not only to keep them at the leading edge and working on the latest platforms but also to deal with the latest security attacks on websites. For this reason, ongoing updates need to be installed on your website. This greatly reduces the chances of attacks and means you are keeping up with the latest website technology systems. These updates also greatly extend the life of your site. *Conditions Apply

WP-CarePlan #Evolve

It is an industry standard to give your website a freshen up at least once a year. With near constant improvements in technology and design styles, an #Evolve CarePlan is a perfect fit for keeping your website at the leading edge. This allows for an annual site refresh as well as implementing styling, content and backend changes as they evolve during the year. *This includes everything covered in the #Core plan. *Conditions Apply

Whats included in our WP-CarePlans


  • Run and test of updates on our demo sites.
  • Research updates and if any potential issues, hold back as required.
  • Backup of site.
  • Check security.
  • Install updates of themes, plugins, security.
  • Check site still running after updates.
  • Create a fresh restoration point.
  • Ongoing monitoring of your site for any unauthorised logins.
  • Ongoing monitoring of your site for any increased attacks.
  • Also covers the licencing cost of all standard themes and plugins.

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