Business Name Generator

 As part of our regular research into all things website and tech related, Brad regularly discovers some interesting and often unusual applications and tools online. We thought this online domain and business name generator which Brad recently found via Shopify was worth a blog post.

If you’re just starting out with your business one of the first (and hardest) things to do is decide on a business name and then secure the matching domain name. Where things get difficult is when you’ve invested time and effort in coming up with a list of business names only to find all the relevant domain names are taken. Shopify is a complete online e-commerce solution and they’ve come up with a great tool to help, an online domain name generator! Best of all though, you don’t need to be building an e-commerce site to use it!

Using a domain name generator is a very quick and efficient way to find the correct domain name for your business. Sometimes, what works in your head doesn’t work well as a URL and it can be difficult to read or customers might get the spelling wrong. If these happen, your business won’t be found online very easily.
Keen to give this a go to see what could pop up for your business? Why not give it a whirl here, it’s free to use

AXIS Digital are an Adelaide Shopify partner so if you’re looking for an e-commerce site we can help. We can also assist with domain names and hosting once you’ve chosen the perfect name for your business. Give Brad a call on 8387 5559 if you have any questions.